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This is the wiki for the Sage - Mathematics Software System project. It helps in organizing development, projects and meetings.

Editing the wiki. Page editing uses the MoinMoin syntax. To edit the wiki, log in using your sage-trac account. Getting an account involves convincing a human by email that you not a spammer.

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Past and future workshops

Hosting a workshop


Overview of all registered Sage developers on a world map

The following list is very incomplete and only contains those developers who added themselves to this wiki. The list of developers on the Sage trac wiki contains more than 300 people.

William Stein, David Joyner, Michael Abshoff, Martin Albrecht, Tom Boothby, Iftikhar Burhanuddin, Alex Clemesha, Didier Deshommes, David Harvey, Yi Qiang, Robert Miller, Ondřej Čertík, Jaap Spies, Marshall Hampton, Jacob Mitchell, Craig Citro, Glenn Tarbox, Nicolas M. Thiéry, Thierry Monteil

Here is a list of students employed to work fulltime on Sage during Summer 2008

Mailing Lists / Chat Rooms


The development wiki page and the Developers' Guide contain information on Sage development suitable for beginners as well as experienced developers. Beginners' pages include:

Note: See the trac server for patches awaiting review.

Tips and Tricks

Images / Plotting / Art / Interacts

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