We aim to develop a version of the notebook dedicated to high school usage. A dedicated (french) notebook is available on internet:

Sage Notebook server

The main needed features are

For the two first, a patch is available.

High School Sage is a website designed for High School and Middle School level students and educators. We hope to use this wiki and Sage notebook server to share helpful Sage tools and information with the world.

There is a tremendous amount of helpful and essential information about Sage at However, the information there is overwhelming in size and sophistication - it is primarily aimed at university level users. The objective of High School Sage Math is to provide bite-size Sage resources and lessons that would be useful in a high school or middle school course.

The site is quite simple. Have you been working on cool things in Sage? Did you learn something new today that you think would be helpful to other students or educators? All you need to do is share your Sage interactive worksheet on this website. The site is completely free and all that we ask is that you respect our goal to educate and share resources in High School and Middle School environments. You are also welcome to improve on any existing contributions - please feel free to make your changes or additions and put in your replacement. We encourage everyone to browse the site, contribute to the wealth of information, and help us in continuing to grow the Sage Math community.

Visit [] to view the resources and make contributions!

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