Sage Days 78 --- June 29 to July 1st, 2016, Vancouver

Sage Days on Combinatorics

Vancouver, BC Canada

These Sage Days are organized as a satellite event of the FPSAC combinatorics conference. The main mathematical topic will be combinatorics. Everyone is welcome from Sage newcomers to advanced developers: there will be plenty of introductory talks and also time for code sprints. It is the perfect occasion to learn Sage!

This is co-organized by Pims and OpenDreamKit.

Organizers: Viviane Pons and Julien Courtiel.

Dates and Venue

Date: 3 days From June 29 to July 1st, 2016

Venue: University of British Columbia, Vancouver


Please send the following form to Viviane Pons. If you wish to apply for financial aid, please do so before April 30 by filling out the extra application form.



Date of arrival:

Date of departure:

Do you wish to give a talk or present a tutorial?*

* A talk can be on anything related to mathematical development (it does not have to be Sage) If you have some Sage experience, please consider giving a tutorial.

Financial Aid

A limited number of financial aids will be be distributed in priority to students and postdocs to cover mostly local costs. Please apply before April 30 by filling out this extra form and sending it to Viviane Pons.

Current status (student, postdoc, etc.) :

Estimation of budget for the whole event (travel, lodging):

Do you also participate to the FPSAC conference?

Do you have other sources of funding for this event (FPSAC aid, local funding)?


The program will include a main lecture from Mike Zabrocki (subject to be announced) as well as introductory tutorials to Sage and combinatorics in Sage. There will also be time for code sprints.

Detailed schedule to be announced.


Lodging and other practical information

Low cost accommodation is available near UBC at:

The FPSAC conference will be held in downtown Vancouver, a 30 minutes bus ride from UBC. You can check the FPSAC venue page for more information and suggestion on affordable accommodation downtown.

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