Sage Days 75 will be held from August 22-26, 2016 at Inria Saclay, France.


Daniel Augot, David Lucas, Johan S. R. Nielsen, Clément Pernet.

Please contact David Lucas (david.lucas[at] for any question.

Focus & Topics

The overall theme of this Sage Days is coding theory, but there will be lots of general hacking. Even if you don't have any particular interest in coding theory, you should participate!

The aim of this Sage Days is to:

We plan on having talks on the mornings, and coding sprints on the afternoons. The first 3 days' talks will be focused on basic functionalities of our library, the last 2 days on advanced functionalities, with an emphasis on Sage development.



Ideas for hacking projects

Feel free to add your own ideas here.

* Review any open coding theory ticket, see #18846.

* Fix any open issue with as noted on the ACTIS Bitbucket wiki.

* Improve documentation of sage.coding

* Improve integration of finite field non-prime basis representation introduced in #20284.

* Port implementation of asymptotically fast (GF(q)[x])[y] root-finding from Codinglib.

* Improve integration of the (GF(q)[x])[y] root-finding so that it is tab-expansion-available for any such polynomial (a reasonably fast implementation of such root-finding was introduced in #19666)

* Fix and review #16742 regarding faster F[x] matrix reduction.

* Link to advanced fast polynomial arithmetic library functions such as multi-point evaluation and Lagrange interpolation.

* Link to fast GF(2)[x] library (currently used is NTL generic GF(p)[x]).

* Link to new features of new LinBox release.

* Cython implementation of the Brouwer-Zimmermann algorithm for computing the minimum distance of a linear code.


We have some funding for sage developers and students. Please contact David Lucas (david.lucas[at] to ask for funding.



We booked a holiday cottage (The Tower and Le grenier royal and will provide free lodging. As there is a limited number of rooms, please contact David Lucas (david.lucas[at] if you want to stay at the cottage.


See directions here. We will provide transportation by cars between the cottage and Inria Saclay.


Please add you name to the list if you want to attend this Sage Days.

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